5 Cost Effective Advertising Tips to Begin your Calendar Year

Juggling a small business within a competitive local market, and trying to work in time to plan your 2016 marketing and advertising calendar can make it hard to catch a break. It is important to take some time out of your hectic day-to-day schedule and really nut-out a plan based on the most effective practices to benefit your business and your consumers.

To help you with your panning I have listed 5 cost effective advertising tips to begin your calendar year.

A Comprehensive Advertising and Marketing Strategy 

  • Outdoor advertising/billboards: It is said that billboards reach more people for your dollar than any other media, but is limited to one picture and no more than eight words.
  • Radio and TV: The best thing about TV and Radio advertising is that it reaches a large number of people, creating consistent messaging and branding for your business. The down side is, it can only be loosely demographically and geographically targeted.
  • Newspaper: Can be demographically and geographically targeted. Only weakness is infrequency of repetition.
  • Magazine: Expensive, but high-impact with tight demographic targeting. Only weakness is infrequency of repetition.
  • Direct Mail: Geographically targeted. Can also be targeted based on business locations or residential locations. Only weakness is the stigma around “junk mail”.

Search Engine Optimisation – The tool is key to getting noticed amongst your competitors. When your consumer is in the market to buy, the first thing they do is go to google (1) to see which business offers what they are after, (2) which business is the cheapest, (3) which business is the closest, and (4) to search for reviews to ensure their money is well spent. If your business doesn’t show on the first page of google, then chances are you will never be noticed. SEO is a tool worth spending time and money on.

Social Media – In this day-and-age running a social media webpage that is not only engaging, but up-to-date is crucial in order to stay on top of the 8 ball. The key is to focus on one or two social platforms at a time, if you don’t have a social identity yet, then focus on maintaining an online brand first. It is important not to try and juggle all social platforms at one time, chances are only one or two platforms will resonate with your audience anyway, so focus on that. Remember social media isn’t a one size fits all. Understand the benefits of each platform and choose the one that best suits your business objectives.

Business Cards – Business cards may be old-school but they are still an effective marketing tool. They are inexpensive to print and allow you to network, and build a personal relationship with anyone anywhere. The great thing is business cards are relatively inexpensive, but if you have the budget to take it to the next level, be sure to get creative with your cards.

Company Website – Is your website responsive? A responsive website is a well-designed site that is constructed so that content, imagery and structure is maintained when scaled to any size, aka your consumers tablet or mobile. Google has updated the search algorithm, giving precedence to those websites that have converted. If your website is non-responsive it is very important you jump on the band-wagon, if you don’t, your google ranking will be penalised sending you to page two of Google search. If you haven’t already converted your site, then consider this your top priority for 2016.

With those 5 advertising tips in mind it is also important to know your target market well, an advertising campaign should target a niche market so ask yourself what kind of customers you want to attract for this specific advertising purpose, and make sure your methods speak to them on a personal level.

Gloo Advertising is an agency fully-equipped to help serve all of your marketing and advertising needs. We can help you develop a marketing and advertising plan, media plan, SEO plan, social media plan, and even design and develop a mobile-ready website. Start 2016 strong with Gloo Advertising at your side, and allow us to assist you in your 2016 marketing and advertising planning by sending us an email or giving us a call.