Building a Consumer Experience

Experiential marketing is increasingly becoming a popular way for organisations to connect on a more personal level with their target market. Whilst traditional forms of advertising such as print, television, radio, billboards and so on are effective ways of communicating a brand, it has been found that the response to experiential marketing has also been very positive. Experiential marketing is an approach that engages consumers through as many senses as possible. Allowing both brand and consumer to interact on a more personal, human level.

Take for example Adidas, which recently launched a limited edition sneaker sponsored by Derrick Rose (an elite NBA basketball player). Consumers had the opportunity to not only meet Rose but also win a free pair of the sneakers if they could jump 10 feet to reach them, the same distance that a professional basketballer needs to jump to reach the hoop. This not only immersed the consumer in the brand on a different level but also gave them an unforgettable experience – one that they will undeniably associate with Adidas.

Recently, Gloo Advertising engaged in experiential marketing, achieving great results. A client required assistance with launching a new product in the Australian market. As part of a strategic plan, the team at Gloo were able to identify the correct mix of media and marketing activity to maximise exposure of the new product, Breathcare. Through a popup stall, Gloo was able to engage consumers with a sample of the product and assess feedback on the spot. This was especially important, due to the fact that Breathcare was a relatively new product and not widely available yet. The result was a positive experience for both brand and consumer, assisting in a highly successful launch of the new product.

If you are interested in getting involved in experiential marketing as part of your integrated marketing strategy, have a chat to the team at Gloo Advertising. We can give you advice on the best was to go about it to maximise results, effectiveness and generate awareness.