Digital Marketing and What It Means in 2016

It’s that time of the year again, the time where you have a dramatic realisation that you failed your New Years’ resolution promise to yourself, and then proceed to fill it with hope for the new year to choose a more ’realistic’ solution… or so you tell yourself. So this year I am proposing you try something different, start by reading the following digital marketing trends that are set to change everything in 2016 and promise yourself a New Years’ resolution will benefit your online brand, and help build a lasting foundation in the digital marketing world.

  1. Relationship Marketing

Let me start off with a shocking statistic, by next year some 2 billion people around the world are expected to own a smart phone. Still living in the Stone Ages? Well maybe you should just stop. Social media has never been so important in terms of connecting with consumers living in the 21st century – yes the whole 2 billion of us. Relationship marketing is designed to help you build a stronger connection with your consumers, upon building a connection brings loyalty, and loyalty brings long-term sales, and most importantly free word-of-mouth brand promotion. So if you are yet to bring your brand into the digital world, then I suggest you start the New Year by doing so.

  1. Automated Marketing

This amazing invention will save you hours of manual labour. Automated marketing allows marketers to save time on scheduling posts, segmenting contacts, managing content, and tracking customers, and instead this tool assists in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration, lead nurturing and management, automated email marketing, and sales cycle management. Where can you find this genius invention? Marketo is leading the pack in terms of automated marketing, providing an easy-to-use interface and a variety of services to help you through the daily grind of digital marketing management.

  1. Location Marketing

The beauty of digital marketing is this tool right here, it allows marketers to use GPS marketing technology to create interactive experiences and connect with customers at the point of engagement. iBeacon and Chatterbox are the king of this marketing technology and if you ask them they have one way to describe this fantastic tool, “it’s like introducing the Flinstones to the Jetsons’ shopping mall”, enough said. This technology is surprisingly inexpensive, but how does it work you ask? Through Bluetooth low-energy technology of course. Well to be exact beacons wirelessly transmit key locational information to the consumers’ smartphone when in range of your store. Using the customised app, the customer can easily navigate their way around your store, receiving contextual information, promotional offers, social updates or product review information about the product they are interacting with via their phone. I’d say this technology is pretty ‘James Bond 007’, which makes the appeal a thousand times more attractive. This technology alone recreates the way marketers interact with consumers in more ways than one.

  1. Timely and Interactive Content

The upcoming trend in 2016 is a focus on exclusive content that expires within a specific timeframe, and while Snapchat may once have been regarded as a passing fad, with more than 100 million users per day, it’s now evolved into a definitive standard marketing platform that is here to stay. Let it be known, Snapchat is your key particularly if your intended target market is the younger generation of consumers. Think about it, between deciding on their weekend plans with friends, what to wear, where to go, work, gym, and university studies, their attention span is limited and definitely not worthy of reading an e-newsletter or the result of your latest unaddressed mail service. Snapchat allows you to reach your target market, tell a story, make a lasting impression, and create envy for your product or service in just 10 seconds. Your consumer benefits highly as a result of this marketing style as it only takes up a small portion of their time, and as a result I promise your consumer will appreciate you more for it, prompting a positive and reactive response.

If you are after an alternative to Snapchat, try Periscope, Periscope allows users to provide a live video broadcast of their lives to their audience —Periscope users collectively watch 40 years of live video each and every day. It is the uprising of timely interactive content that has seen Facebook preparing new features like live streaming, suggested videos, and a dedicated video feed to stay on top of their game. Interestingly 70% of companies now say video is the most effective tool in their online marketing plans. This statistic is a result of Snapchat Stories and Periscope who have had a hugely successful year by quickly dominating the market in terms of providing content that aces the following two objectives:

  • Timely content: content is shown in real-time, and once seen can’t be seen again
  • Interactive content: Video content allows the viewer to feel part of the moment, and proves to be more relatable than a still image

In 2015 companies spent nearly $24 billion on social media advertising, which is an incredible 33.5% increase, and has estimated that by 2017 social media advertising will increase to 16% of all digital advertising spend globally. Taking the above forecast into account I can promise you, your brand will be on the incline to success come 2017, providing you put the above marketing trends into practice.

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Jesikah Boatfield
Marketing & Account Manager