Your brand is arguably one of the most important facets of your marketing strategy that needs to be considered. It is the gateway by which customers connect with your business or service and can incorporate a mix of name, logo, design, or symbol. It is important that your brand reflects your product or service and that it successfully identifies a solution to a particular need of your target market.

Sometimes a rebrand is necessary whether that be as a result of a product or service nearing the end of its life cycle, wanting to maintain a competitive advantage in the market, or to remain relevant to your target audience in a dynamic and evolving marketing climate. Whatever the reason, rebranding involves more than just a refreshed logo. It insists the employment of a vision that inspires the target market and key stakeholders to connect with the company’s goals, message and culture in a new light.

There have been many instances where a company’s decision to rebrand has made them stronger than ever. Take for example Burberry, a top fashion label. Their fashions at one point considered gangwear, Burberry attire can now be seen on royalty and top celebrities, thanks to a rebrand in 2001. A successful rebrand attempt saw Harley Davidson going from almost bankrupt in 1985 to one of the leading motorcycle brands today. This was a classic example of a product offering not reflecting the values of the brand. By introducing a higher quality product offering, these product and brand disparities were rendered non-existent.

Thinking about refreshing your brand? This task may seem overwhelming so strategic advice and assistance from evolution to execution of a rebrand may be what you need. Come and have a chat to us at Gloo about how we can assist in a successful rebranding strategy that can give you a competitive advantage, take your existing brand to the next level and connect with your target market in a more meaningful way.