Confused about all these terms that get bandied around in the online marketing arena? Here’s a quick handy guide for you.

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation.

What is it? SEO is the process of making sure your website or webpage shows up in a search engine’s natural or organic (un-paid) search results. For example if you type in some keywords related to your business into Google… how far down the list, or pages do you show up?

Why is it important? You have invested time and money into creating a web presence that reflects your brand and business, but you need people to find it. These days search engines are a primary way that consumers will search for your site, or for your products or services. The higher up the list you are the more chance you have of people clicking on your site over your competitors’. Just ask yourself how often you even go past the first page of search results.

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

What is it? SEM goes one step further to increase the chance of visibility in search engine results through both optimisation and paid advertising, such as Google Adwords.

Why is it important? While increasing your organic reach is ideal, sometimes it is necessary to also add in pay-per-click advertising, sponsored listings, and paid inclusions to maximize your reach. The use of conversion tracking and analytics means that any campaign can be monitored for effectiveness.

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