The Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Advertising Agency

If you are a small business owner, or run a medium-sized organisation, you will come to a point when you are weighing up whether to hire an agency to assist with your marketing, branding and advertising needs. This decision will have you wondering if you can just keep it in house, and save yourself money, or will hiring an external agency be worth the investment. Here we round up our top 5 reasons why hiring an agency is a good idea:


PERSPECTIVE – An objective outside opinion can provide you some perspective. When you are dealing with your brand day in day out, it can be hard to visualise what your target market are seeing, and you can therefore miss strategic opportunities. An agency has the advantage of acting as a middle ground between the organisation and the customer, acting as a tour guide to point you in the right direction towards success. It’s important to stick with what you know and do best and get the right marketing advice when needed.


 SKILL – A specialised agency are skilled at what they do. While your nephew might have some mad computer skills, and can whip you up a web page, your brand deserves to be handled by the experts. An agency will be able to provide the mix of skill sets that can provide both strategic marketing advice and skilled implementation, whether it is design, copywriting, or social media strategists.


IDEAS – Fresh ideas can lead to increased profits. While implementing a marketing strategy can cost money… an effective strategy will lead to you achieving your goals, and is therefore worth the investment. Make sure that any budget you do designate is getting a return by being allocated in the best possible manner. An agency that delivers fresh ideas will get results and allow you to stay ahead of the pack.


MONEY – Strategic advice and supplier networks can mean you end up saving money in the long run. Cash flow and budgeting is always tough for any business, and a good agency will understand that. Paying internal staff to handle tasks that might be outside of their skill-set can be inefficient. By contracting an outside agency you only need to spend when you need something done, and a skilled team will be able to achieve the outcome in less time. The other way that an agency can actually save you money is by negotiating the best possible deals when it comes to printing, production and media bookings through their contract rates.

TIME – Let’s face it… there is always a million things to do in a day. If you are a small business owner, then no doubt you are juggling a whole host of different roles and tasks. Whilst you may have every intention of managing your social media, scheduling an ad campaign or undertaking a marketing project, with limited time it is easy to start forgetting to do these jobs, or rushing through them. Having an agency partner with you gives you the assurance that key branding activity needs are being met on a regular basis and handled with care.


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